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Call reporting SystemThe Virtual Call Tracking mission is to provide a powerful, reliable and affordable call tracking and reporting system that brings accountability to your on-line and off-line marketing campaigns and helps small, medium and large enterprises make a profit from every call.

Our system provides powerful analytics to help a business make more meaningful decisions on where to invest their marketing dollars for the best return.

Keep track of every lead. Keep track of your agent’s performance. Our “call listening” service can rate every call and call type, identify missed calls and email the call details back to you to recapture the lost lead, we can even report back to you on your cost per inquiry by the campaign and by source.

Work with a partner who understands

We understand that inquiry is the lifeline of every business. We are more than just a supplier of phone call recording services. We understand what a phone call means to your business and strive to be a key strategic partner who provides tactical services to help you generate better marketing ROI.

Leadership Team

John Curnow – Managing Director

John has over 25 years of experience in the Australian Advertising Industry. Having been CEO of 4 Advertising and Media Agencies, John understands the importance of knowing which media, which campaign and which offer produces the best results for clients, and in 2012 began his journey to provide a powerful and affordable inbound phone call tracking system for a small, medium and large business. Launched in 2014, Virtual Call Tracking now tracks thousands of calls for businesses across Australia.  

Founded 2009

No matter how much the world changes, what is perennial is that most people will always want to know, see and understand just what they’re getting for their money. Rising from the ashes of the G.F.C., our company was founded on the premise of making advertising accountable. Since then, we have won the prestigious Telstra Business Awards and expanded to offer an affordable online and offline call tracking system based on the supply of Virtual phone numbers.


Annually the Call Tracking system is trusted to provide millions of minutes of tracked calls to businesses across Australia. We combine the services of Australian software programmers and Australian engineers, Australian designers, and local client service experts whom provide one on one personalised service to make set-up, integration, training and understanding easy for you.

Reliable, Affordable, Fast

Our objective is to provide a powerful, affordable and responsive call tracking system to help small, medium and large enterprise make profit from every call. To achieve this we provide a locally designed, built and hosted system with Australian virtual phone numbers, Australian support services, Australian client managers and with No software fee's, No licence fee's, No monthly administration fee's, No set-up fee's, and calls charged by the second not by the minute.

Make every call count. Start tracking your marketing better today.
Setup is easy.

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