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Track every call and make every advertising dollar accountable. Know which PPC ad, keyword, offer, web page, device, and search network drives the most calls and conversion value for your business. Build your knowledge network.

Virtual Call Tracking operates its proprietary web tracker and uses advanced algorithms to attribute inbound calls to web sessions, even on extremely high traffic websites.

How it works is this … Customers find your website and they click through to your landing page where your normal website number is automatically swapped for our dynamic tracking phone number. The customer calls our number and we record the phone call ( all its details; phone number, time stamp, search network, ad campaign, keyword, PPC, Organic, Google or Bing etc) and we push all of this data into your favourite Analytics platform as a session. Then Adwords converts this data into a conversion on your campaigns and you can start optimising your whole PPC account on the basis of conversions, not just clicks, impressions and the occasion web based enquiry. We can even provide you call listening services to rate every call (lead, enquiry, service call, booking, sale etc) and report back to you on how well your staff are connecting with your customers.

Virtual Call Tracking is your one-stop-shop for the EDM campaign monitoring portal. Whether your recipients call from the email or from your website, our proprietary system will identify the call and provide you with all the data and reports to keeping your campaigns accountable.  We can even push this information back into most CRM or Analytic platforms. See our integration page for more detail.

Improve customer acquisition by connecting customers to the right people with the right solutions fast. Connect leads to salespeople. Connect service calls to technicians. Use powerful customisable rules to route calls to a priority sales queue for specific campaigns. Route calls by type, by state, by postcode.

Appear more local by displaying an Adelaide number when people from South Australia search your website or a Brisbane number for people who search from SE Queensland. Being seen as parochial is a powerful marketing tool and our system relies on the visitors’ IP addresses to identify their whereabouts.

Add dedicated virtual tracking numbers to your off-site and offline assets where calls through these channels are captured and recorded in our portal.

Track all of your traditional advertising for TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Transit, Billboards, Signage and make every dollar accountable to leads and sales. Our pricing model makes it affordable to consider tracking all of your media mix in one simple to use analytics portal. Or, if you have existing numbers, no worries … we simply port your existing number into our system.


Application Integrations

Integrate Virtual Call Tracking into your CRM, Analytic’s, PPC, CRO or custom built applications and gain a deeper insight into your customers journey from search to sale.

See all supported integrations >>

Integrate your call tracking and web analytics applications for more comprehensive reporting. Report phone calls and call extensions as goals in Analytics. Take advantage of Googles advanced features like multi-channel attribution to gain even more insights into call conversion behaviours. Push Bing PPC phone calls into Analytics and have a complete view of your PPC campaigns in one portal.

Virtual Call Tracking automatically sends call conversions into AdWords allowing you to view all of the calls that your campaigns generated in one platform. Take advantage of Google AdWords’ conversion optimisation features to drive more calls and reduce non-converting click spend.

Virtual Call tracking is built to easily synchronise with Salesforce. Identify which marketing campaigns drive valuable calls. See how your inbound leads from online and offline channels found you. Build custom reports in Salesforce to analyse and forecast revenue, and do so right down to the advertisement. Follow your clients entire journey step by step and gain valuable insight for making better marketing decisions.

Virtual Call Tracking automatically pushes call conversions into Optimizely. Use data to understand your customers and quickly make decisions. Use both on-page conversion optimisation and call tracking to build better content that generates more responses. Drive more results from your existing traffic and investment without increasing ad spend or acquisition costs. Knowledge is power.


Call Routing and Management

Provide better customer experiences and improve your business communications by implementing our set of world-class call routing and management features.

Access all of your inbound call recordings to better understand how your calls are being handled, and do so in one very simple on-line reporting portal. No software to buy. No monthly user fees. No hassles.

Improve agent call handling and safeguard your business with recorded evidence of their conversations with customers. Have us listen to every call, rate and report on every call, and provide you with evidence of missed calls and poorly handled calls for your sale managers to act on.

Build advanced call flows that provide excellent customer experiences and support your unique communications strategy. Combine features such as welcome messages, single and multi-level menus, time and day based routing, call overflow, call queues, hunt groups, voice-to-email, live contact centre, geographical routing and postcode routing.

With our hosted Interactive Voice Response solution, we can quickly and easily build advanced call flows to direct callers to the right agent or department the first time. No need for time-consuming call transfers or unnecessary hold time.

With Virtual Call Tracking IVR services your business can:

  • Greet callers with customized welcome messages
  • Use virtual auto attendant to route callers to the right agent
  • Use single and multi-level menus. time and date based routing, call overflow, call ques, hunt groups, voice-to-email, live contact centre, geographical routing and postcode routing.
  • Increase first call resolution rates
  • Provide 24/7, on-demand customer service options
  • Save costs on staffing and personnel

Contact one of our Virtual Call Tracking account managers today to learn more about our hosted IVR solutions for your business.

Professional Australian 24 hour answering service, 365 days a year. Have your overflow calls answered professionally, enquiries addressed and booking made without the need for hiring extra staff.

Increase the number of calls that are answered and reduce the number that are missed by having our agents answer your calls when your staff are busy or out-of-the-office or after hours. Our professional telemarketers answer calls as your business and follow customised handling procedures to take messages, transfer calls or use your online software platforms.

Have us listen to all of your cal recordings, rate and report on every inbound call, and provide you with evidence of missed calls and poorly handled calls for your sale managers to act on. Did you know that around 50% of all inbound calls from PPC campaigns are not leads? Let us sort the leads from the non-leads to ensure your “cost per lead” reports are truly accurate.

Automatically have calls to your business automatically routed to your nearest store, nearest service centre, nearest regional office closest to each caller. Route calls by type, by state, by postcode.

Allow callers to be directed to your closest store, service centre or office by using our postcode entry. HAve callers select from either a menu of store options, or simply ask them t type in their 4 digit postcode. The Vrtual Call Tracking system will automatically route the caller directly to each store and provide you all the phone call metrics that are captured as if they had called you direct.


Collect additional information about calls by having your telemarketers and sales consultants complete a survey at the end of each call. Categorise calls, collect sales and service values, rate callers in the buying cycle,  collect as much or as little detail as you require.

Receive automated notifications (emails or texts) when criteria that you have set is met.

When a call is missed and produces a zero length; your team will automatically receive a missed call  notification including the phone number of the caller (providing ts not a private or withheld number), the time stamp, the geographic area, the campaign and campaign details, the landing number and dialed number of the caller, allowing your team to proactively return calls and miminise missed opportunity.

Receive automated notifications when an incoming call is received, or when an incoming call is un-answered, or when a call from a particular campaign comes in. Marketing is expensive; don’t let a single cent be missed.


Data Analytics & Reporting

Our powerful but easy to use analytics and reporting dashboard is where you view all of your offline call data and online web and call data together.

Explore your data using customisable grouping and drill-down functionality. Export your data for further analysis or for input into third-party applications.

Understand user and caller acquisition across multiple channels including paid search, display, social, organic search, email, referral and direct traffic.

Analyse your audience with reports covering desktop and mobile, IP address and phone call geolocation, web browsers, screen resolutions and returning visitors and callers.

Call reports allow you to view your calls by:

  • Tracking number called
  • Traffic source
  • Device
  • New calls vs repeat calls
  • Location
  • Timing trend (years, months, days, hours)
  • Status of call
  • Landing page the caller came in on
  • Conversion page the caller converted on
  • Keywords
  • Medium
  • Receiving number or agent the call was routed to
  • Advertising channel
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • AdWords landing page, conversion page & keyword
  • BING landing page, conversion page & keyword
  • Rating (lead, enquiry, service call, missed call, etc)
  • Notes on each call
  • Audio recording of each call

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