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Trackable Phone Numbers Makes Marketing Tracking Easy.

With a proliferation of advertising choices, accurate and reliable marketing tracking has never been more important. Do you know which media channel is producing you the best phone call ratio for your business from advertising? Easily track TV, Radio, Press, Magazines, Adwords, Bing, Web Traffic, Display Ads, Referrals, Pages, Keywords, Experiments and the Devices that produce you the calls. And as a result work out which channel produces you the best return on investment results.

Call Tracking Drill Down Report on Mobile PhoneInbound phone call tracking that’s both powerful & affordable

  • No software fee’s
  • No set-up fee’s
  • No charge by the minute
A responsive marketing tracking and reporting system built to help small, medium and large enterprise make profit from every call.

Discover your best cost per enquiry source

Finally, an marketing tracking system that measures real time call data. This enables you to know how many calls have come from each media, this minute. Thus marry this data against the cost of each media and calculate your marketing efficiency. Therefore you know the cost per lead of each marketing activity and can make informed decisions for your business based on lead results, not clicks.

Make more meaningful marketing decisions

Know which media drives all your leads, phone calls and web forms. And as a result know what propels your online and offline conversions and revenue. Make meaningful marketing decisions based on customer response to your campaigns rather than guessing. Benefit from this new competitive advantage by basing decisions on which campaign, marketing initiative or media channel produces you the best return on investment

Identify Adwords & Bing calls with dynamic phone numbers

Dynamic phone numbers will swap out your regular website phone number when a visitor has come via your PPC campaign (Adwords, Bing or Yahoo). Our technology records the phone call audio, time stamps the phone call, identifies the phone number and the Adwords campaign which they used to visit your website. We push all this information back into your Adwords MCC account or Analytics. Consequently you can record every call from Adwords as a conversion.

Optimise your website to enquiry, not clicks

Virtual Call Tracking automatically sends call enquiry conversions into Optimizely, Analytics, Google MCC allowing you to test and view the calls your campaign produces. Use Virtual Call Tracking and Optimizely together to build better content and improve response. Use Virtual Call Tracking with Adwords to optimize your PPC campaigns by measuring Phone Enquiry rather than just Impressions, clicks and form based web leads and downloads.

Advertisng Tracking & Marketing Tracking ScreenPhone call data reporting platform

Keep track of the most important asset of your business … your customers. Learn how your front line is responding to them. Virtual Call Tacking is a powerful advertising tracking system that identifies the detail to help you to know your customer behaviours. As a result make tactical decisions by using our easy-to-use yet commanding analytics and reporting portal. Also push all this data directly into your analytics or your CRM by integrating our system with your current system.

Call listening and reporting service

Up to 20% of inbound calls from advertising are missed. This means you might be missing customers because of poorly handled calls. We can provide call listening and reporting services. This service will rate every call, identify every missed call. We supply your team with all the detail to re-dial the customer and save the every missed lead. And as a result, you have a powerful reporting mechanism that enables you to catch every lead and help you decide if your staff need further training in real time. Before any of it gets out of hand. Contact Us for more information

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