Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic Phone Numbers

Dynamic Phone Numbers – Track, identify and record every website call.

Phone Call Routing Dynamic Phone Numbers Dynamic phone numbers are used to identify calls from your website from multiple sources. Sources like Adwords, Bing, Facebook, Yelp, PPC, Direct, Organic … any digital channel where a phone number is presented to a user. Dynamic phone numbers can be provided in 1300, 1800 or local (02, 03, 07, 08, 09) formats. When a visitor enters your website, the phone number instantly swaps to our Dynamic phone number. At the same time it triggers our tracking script.  The tracking script is a small snippet of code we add to every page of your website and can be easily uploaded via tag manager or your web programmer. It’s the only code required for activating our technology…No UTM tags, complicated programming or special software required. Consequently the system is very quick and simple to set-up. This tracking script follows the visitor and pushes the search data into your Virtual Call Tracking Portal, Adwords campaigns, Analytics account and can also integrate with your own third party CRM system. From here, Google uses this data to match the phone call to the keyword, ad, ad group and campaign to instantly recognise a phone call conversion. Therefore enabling you to optimise all of your Adwords campaign to all conversions, and not just form based conversion or clicks. However the benefits do not end here. Every phone call can be audio recorded to retrospectively listen to. Track back on each call, rate each call, add notes to each call and identify how many Adwords calls were leads and which weren’t. Consequently you now have the tools to produce accurate “Cost per Lead” insights like never before.

A tip: Use one of our phone numbers as your call extension number and take advantage of FREE LEADS. You’ve captured it, you’ve recorded it, and you’ve rated it as a lead but it hasn’t cost you a click!

  When a website visitor makes a phone call using Dynamic Phone Numbers, our technology remembers them. And should they return from the same device that day, that week, that month and beyond, our can system will capture them and stop Adwords from identifying them in future conversions…after all, its always the first call that qualifies as an enquiry, not any other call thereafter. (However, if you want to track all calls as conversions, this can be achieved too).

Step 1 – A small snippet of tracking code is placed on all pages of your website.

Step 2 – A call tracking conversion is set up your Adwords campaign and Analytics account.

Step 3 – Dynamic phone numbers are allocated and activated on your Virtual Call Tracking portal.

Step 4 – When a user visits your website (via Adwords Ad, Facebook, Direct, Organic…any online channel really) the tracking code will recognise the channel. As a result it instantly swaps your normal phone number with our dynamic phone number.

Step 5 – As calls come in, Virtual Call Tracking matches the visitor to the phone call and pushes all this data into Google. Therefore enabling Google to match up the keyword, text ad, ad group and campaign and records the call as a conversion.


Call Tracking Drill Down Report on Mobile PhoneKnow exactly which ads and search keywords are leading to phone calls, conversions, and sales.

Dynamic phone numbers track every call and assists Google to accurately match call conversions down to the keyword. As soon as a website visitor makes a phone call, our portal will identify:
  • their phone number
  • the time and date they called
  • the phone number they landed at in your business
  • The campaign (PPC, Direct or Organic Search)
  • Their interaction with your website
  • A recording of the call for you to rate each call and add detailed notes to each call. Or we provide a service to do this for you.
The Virtual Call Tracking technology is perfect for tracking online campaigns like Google AdWords and Bing paid ads. It can also integrate with Google Analytics, Optimizely, DoubleClick … and also integrates with many CRM systems such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

A tip: if you currently run a CRM system, ask us if Virtual Call Tracking can integrate and push your call data directly into your customer accounts. Start tracking your customer’s journey from search to sale.


Call Listening ServiceCall listening and reporting service

Up to 20% of inbound calls from advertising are missed. This means you might be missing customers because of poorly handled calls, unanswered calls or call drop out. We can provide call listening and reporting services that will rate every call, identify missed calls and supply you with the caller detail to re-dial the customer and save every lead. Finally you have an independent and affordable monitoring team at your fingertips. We will let you know if your team handles a call poorly, or misses an opportunity. As a result you will now if staff require more training before it all gets out of hand.

Dynamic phone numbers are both powerful & affordable. Never miss a Call. Never miss a lead.

  • No software fee’s
  • No licence fee’s
  • No monthly administration fee’s
  • No set-up fee’s
  • No charge by the minute
A responsive advertising tracking and reporting system built to help small, medium and large enterprise make profit from every call. Contact us for full details, pricing and a login to our demonstration site.

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