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Call Tracking Australia

Call Tracking Australia – phone call tracking that’s both powerful & affordable

Virtual Call Tracking Australia enables companies to track calls from any form of advertising. The result is a powerful analytics platform that keeps track of advertising response and inbound telemarketer performance in real time. Finally you have a systme that helps you to make real time decisions on one of your biggest investments. Whether its direct mail and brochures, television, email marketing, radio, through to Adwords, Facebook and Digital campaigns … we track it all. Consequently you now have a responsive advertising tracking and reporting system to make profit from every call
  • No software fee’s
  • No set-up fee’s
  • No charge by the minute

Call Tracking Drill Down Report on Mobile PhoneOptimise Adwords campaign to each call … not just the click.

Use Dynamic Phone Numbers on your website to track each visitor coming through Adwords. Therefore accurately optimise your campaigns to every conversion, not just some. Our analytics identifies:
  • Phone Number of the Caller
  • Campaign Source of the Call (Google, Television, Yellow Pages, Facebook … all Online & Offline)
  • Landing Page
  • Source (Google, Bing, Media Channel)
  • Landing phone number
  • Call type & rating
  • Recording of conversation
  • Time stamp
  • Answered or Un-Answered
  • Call length
… and then we push it all up into your Adwords campaign to match up with every keyword. Whilst Google forwarding numbers can allocate a call conversion, they can’t provide you a recording of the call to determine if it was a lead?  

Identify Calls that are “Leads” from “Non-Leads”

Every phone call can be recorded and rated as a “Lead”, “Non-Lead”, Service Call”, “Warranty Call”, “Supplier Call”, anything you like really. The purpose is to establish an accurate rating of all calls, channels, campaigns and keywords that generate “REAL” enquiry. Once each call is rated, it’s a simple process to produce accurate “Lead Reports” and “Cost per Lead” by channel. Or, if your team is too busy to listen to calls, we can do this for you. We can report back daily on any poorly handled calls or any missed calls your company receives.   Call Tracking Australia dashboard illustrating call rating fields   Did you know the Un-Answered calls represent up to 20% of inbound enquiry? Do you have after hours callers not leaving a message on your answering machine? Consequently you may be missing our on valuable leads. We can tell you the phone number they called from, the time they called, through to the keyword they typed to search for your website. Therefore, never miss a lead again.  

Google Forwarding Numbers – Are they accurate and reliable?

Whilst Google Forwarding Numbers measures call response from Adwords, by default the Google software cannot track customers that visit your site via an Adwords text ad then leave your site without making a phone call …then later (an hour, a day, a week, 2 weeks later) visit your website through your direct URL and make a call using your normal business phone number. Unfortunately, Google Forwarding Numbers will miss these conversions. As a result your Adwords campaigns will not be accurate and this may lead you to make poor decisions on future advertising investment.  

Session Based Tracking

Our Session Based Tracking System fills in this gap – we place a cookie on a visitors device (generally for 30-days) and should that visitor leave your website without making a call, but come back to visit your website via your direct URL, our technology will allocate a conversion to the original keyword that drove them to your website in the first place. By using the Virtual Call Tracking Australia system, all of a sudden your Advertising reports are accurate and you are keeping the whole lead generation system accountable through to your front line.  


The portal is an analytic based dashboard with a variety of default reports. These reports provide a top view of your call results. Therefore providing you a quick reference dashboard for ease of control. In addition, Virtual Call Tracking provides custom reports that create specific drill-down analytics for deeper insight. Your reports can also be exported to excel for presentation.  With Virtual Call Tracking Australia you can push your phone call conversions directly into Adwords in real time, and feed them into Google Analytics as Goals. This makes Virtual Call Tracking an extremely dynamic system. Use a combination of Dynamic Phone Numbers and Call Routing to identify call conversions by store location too.   Call Tracking Australia importing conversions into Google Analytics Goal Conversion Dashbaord   Furthermore, 3rd party software applications can be integrated into our system. For example, import calls into Google Analytics to see how phone calls compliment ‘online’ conversions such as form fills, e-commerce transactions, and other custom events. Virtual Call Tracking will integrate with many custom applications including Salesforce to push call data automatically into your client files. Thus streamlining data capture and slotting straight into your existing reports. Contact Us for more information

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