Inbound phone call tracking system that’s powerful & affordable

  • No software fee’s

  •  No set-up fee’s

  •  No charge by the minute

A responsive call tracking system and reporting built to help small, medium and large enterprise make profit from every call.

Do you know which ads or media channel is producing you the best enquiry ratio for your business from advertising?

Easily track each of the channels that produce you phone call enquiry:

  • Search Engine Marketing,
  • Digital Display,
  • TV, Radio,
  • Press,
  • Magazines,
  • Web Traffic,
  • Referrals,
  • Pages,
  • Keywords,
  • Experiments, and
  • Devices,

Use the information to easily work out which channel produces you the best R.O.I.. No more guesswork to making important business decisions on where to invest adverting for the best cost per lead.

Do you know that as much as 20% of inbound calls from advertising are missed. Do you know how many customers are lost because of poorly handled calls? We do. We can provide call listening and reporting services that will rate every call, identify any missed call and supply you with the detail to re-dial the customer and save the lead. And if your team handles a call poorly or misses an opportunity, we can report back to you for training.

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Making every call countand increase your profit

  • Track & learn
    Virtual Call Tracking captures every call; the advertising source of the call; the phone number; the store the call was directed to; the time of the call; the length of the call;, right the way down to the keyword the caller typed into Google or Bing.
  • Monitor
    All data works seamlessly between Google Analytics and Adwords to optimise PPC campaigns. Use our dynamic “Phone Number Swapping” code to identify phone calls and web events. Accurately optimise your PPC campaigns to conversions for better ROI.
  • Keep everyone accountable
    Who’s keeping YOUR people accountable? As much as 30% of enquiry may not be converting. Would you like to know why? Our service goes beyond the “set and forget” provision. We can report back to you on how well a call has been handled by your staff; was it converted, and if not why not?
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Use Virtual Call Tracking to ...

  • Understand which channels drive call enquiry
    Do you know which media channel is producing you the best call ratio for your business from advertising?
  • Identify your best enquiry source
    Know the cost per enquiry for each advertising channel. Track all of your inbound lead generation activities and get the complete picture. Be better informed.
  • Make better decisions
    Make meaningful marketing decisions based on customer call response to advertising rather than guessing. Better information = Better decisions.

Work with a partner who understands

We understand that enquiry is the life line of every business. We are more than just a supplier of phone call recording services. We understand what a phone call means to your business and strive to be a key strategic partner who provides tactical services to help you generate better marketing ROI’s.

Link your CRM and discover what drives revenue

Link your CRM to Virtual Call Tracking and start measuring advertising success by revenue source. Understand which keyword, campaign, device, channel and media is driving your customers to your door. Take advantage of call conversions in your favorite PPC, CRM, CRO, analytics and custom-built applications using application integrations.

Call Listening and Rating Service

We record and can listen in on every call. If your team misses an opportunity we can email you recordings and provide reports about each call for staff training and governance. How many customers you are missing because of poorly handled calls?

Make every call count. Start tracking your marketing better today.
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