What is Doubleclick ?

Doubleclick is a Google business that helps online advertisers and publishers by:
  • Ad-serving: Online publishers use it to display adverts on their websites.
  • Ad delivery: it will let advertisers control how often an ad is shown to a browser, how long it is shown for and how often it will appear.
  • Behavioural targeting; This comes in two categories:
    • Targeting for one website owner: An online publisher can set a cookie to tell them what sections of their sites you are browsing. Doubleclick will then judge the type of adverts you might like to see from what you’re browsing. For example, if you are on a news website and you visit the sports pages, then adverts for match tickets may be more relevant than makeup. This information belongs to the website owner only.
    • Targeting in advertising networks: Google runs a service called Adsense, in which lots of different publishers pool the information they get on browsers. This helps them build up a better idea of the type of adverts someone might want to see. This is a third-party advertising cookie.

Who uses Doubleclick?

Any web publishers can use it, as long as they meet Google’s terms and conditions.  

What information does it track?

In Google’s privacy policy, Google explains how data is recorded from a generic Doubleclick cookie. It looks like this:
  • time: 06/Aug/2008 12:01:32
  • ad_placement_id: 105
  • ad_id: 1003
  • userid: 0000000000000001
  • client_ip:
  • referral_url: “”
This identifies the time and date you saw an advert. It also shows:
  • userid: the unique ID number the cookie has given your browser
  • ad_id: the unique ID of the advert
  • ad_placement_id: the ID of where the advert was seen on the site
  • referral_url: what page you were on when you saw the advert
Because it records your IP address, Doubleclick can also make a good guess of your country and town/city, too.  

Why integrate Virtual Call Tracking?

By integrating Virtual Call Tracking, web publishers can gather greater insight into how visitors react to advertising on their own websites.  Virtual Call Tracking can push in phone call tracking data on top of the click data being captured by Doubleclick. This helps publishers to make better decisions on how to improve their website experience for visitors.  

How is Virtual Call Tracking integrated?

Integration must be enabled by our programmers. When enabled,  you simply go into your Virtual Call Tracking dashboard and click on “Enable Doubleclick” to authenticate your integration with Google. To do so you must have a Google account with full administrative permission. Virtual Call Tracking will then start to push call data into your Doubleclick account (via OAuth2 authentication).  

Using Conversion Tracking in DoubleClick

DoubleClick integration sends custom goal conversions into DoubleClick against the respective ad click. DoubleClick integration must be enabled by Virtual Call Tracking. Please advise your Virtual Call tracking representative you would like DoubleClick installed on your pkatform. When enabled, to finalise the setup you must click on Enable DoubleClick in the VirtualCall Tracking reporting platform and authenticate with Google using an account with full permission to the DoubleClick account. This will provide Virtual Call Tracking with permission to send call data to your DoubleClick account (via OAuth2 authentication).

Step 1

Log in to our reporting platform and click Activate DoubleClick on the home tab.

Step 2

Authorise us by logging in with the Google account that is linked to your DoubleClick account. Once this is activated, you will be returned to the reporting portal Once once completed, you will need to create a Floodlight Activity in DoubleClick.

Step 3

Create a Floodlight Activity Group and use the below details: Name: Offline Conversions Tag: offline1 Type: Action

Step 4

Under this new floodlight activity group, create a new flood activity, with: Name: Phone Call You can then use this Floodlight Activity Group throughout the reports.

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