Phone Call Routing Options

Phone Call Routing Options

Phone Call Routing

Phone Call Routing GraphicThere are many different phone call routing approaches available through Virtual Call Tracking. Below are our 2 main call routing types. Each call type play’s an important role in directing your customer through to the right people with the right solution. Please contact us to discuss your needs and provide you a proposal.

Geo – Location Call Routing

Based on the geographical location of your customer, their call can be automatically directed to the right agent, or store or department. There are two types of Geo-Location Call Routing:
  • Post Code Routing – this is where an IVR  Post Code call whisper is played at the beginning of each call. The IVR asks the customer to enter their 4 digit post-code using the phone keypad. As a result the call will automatically be directed to your nearest location to the caller. This is an extremely targeted and accurate approach to Geo-routing because the customer is in control. Furthermore, Post code routing is our most popular routing system.
  • Exchange Routing – directs customers to different locations based on the customers Telephone Exchange location. As a result there is no requirement for the caller to enter their postcode to be directed to a local store. This is a broad based approach only. Consequently, many businesses prefer Post Code Routing instead.
  • Dynamic Call Routing – this a combination of Dynamic Numbers and Geo Location Call Routing. Route your Adwords campaigns to specialist inbound lead operators in different locations based on geographic location within Australia and Overseas. Route different Adwords campaigns to different specialists, and as a result provide a better outcome and customer experience for your business.

Direct Call Routing (Hunt Groups)

This is a basic approach to customer call routing where the purpose is to direct customer calls to the right department within a business. For example, if the Sales number is busy the call automatically diverts to other Sales numbers until answered. If the Service number is busy, the call will automatically divert to other service numbers until answered. Within these services are more complex routing strategies such as:
  • Idle Based Routing – where the most idle agent gets the next call
  • Skills Based Routing – where calls requiring specific skills are routed to an employee with the skills.
  • Business Rules Routing – direct higher value customers to dedicated retention teams through Customer ID’s

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