Google UA Analytics for Static Numbers


Virtual Call Tracking is able to send events into Google UA Analytics Universal for calls to static/offline phone numbers. Google Analytics Classic is not supported. Once properly configured, phone call goal completions are shown under a new channel Static Call Tracking. The source, medium, campaign and content tags associated with the static number are also pushed into Google Analytics. The landing page against the event is /static-call-tracking/PHONE NUMBER.

Configuring Static Number Conversion Tracking

Please follow the steps below to start tracking static call conversions in Google Analytics Universal.  

Step 1

IMPORTANT: Contact Virtual Call Tracking to enable Google UA Analytics for Static Numbers against your account. Otherwise the static number(s) will not show up in Google UA Analytics.  

Step 2

If you haven’t already created a Call Tracking Goal, you must do that now. In step 3 – Goal Details section of the Goal set-up, add the following
  • Category “Equals to” – insert Call Tracking
  • Label “Regular Expression” – Group=static.+61<insert phone number>
  Google Analytics Static Number Goal Set-up  

Step 3

Next, you need to modify the Default Channel Grouping in Google Analytics Universal. Log in to your Google Analytics account.  

Step 4

Click on the Admin along the top of the page. Click On Admin

Step 5

Three columns will appear. In the far right column (View) click on Channel Settings. Then click Channel Grouping. Click on Channel Settings

Step 6

By default you should have one channel grouping called Default Channel Grouping. Click on its name to edit this channel grouping. Click on Default Channel Grouping

Step 7

Now you will need to define a new channel. Click on Define a new channel. Click on define a new channel

Step 8

Configure the new channel as per the image below. Then click Done and Save. Please note it can take Google Analytics up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect and be visible in the reports. Click on define a new channel

Step 9

Once Google has updated and you have received calls on your static numbers, you will see the static call tracking data in your account. To view this click on the Reporting tab in the top left of the screen. Click on the Reporting tab

Step 10

In the menu on the left, click Acquisition -> Overview. Click acquisition then overview

Step 11

You should now see an overview of all the Top Channels, including the newly created Static Call Tracking. Click acquisition then overview

Step 12

You can also drill down further to see the source, medium and campaign defined against the numbers in our system. To do this click on Static Call Tracking. Click on Static Call Tracking

Step 13

Now set your Primary Dimension to Campaign and your Secondary dimension to Source / Medium. Set your Primary and Secondary dimensions  

Step 14

To see static numbers being reported as Goals, go to your Analytics dashboard and to the “Conversions” tab. Static Numbers Analytics Goals  

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