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UTM Tagging

What is a UTM Tag? A UTM tag is a simple code that you can attach to a custom URL in order to track a source, medium, and campaign name...even keywords. This helps Google Analytics and Virtual Call T...

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What is  ? Doubleclick is a Google business that helps online advertisers and publishers by: Ad-serving: Online publishers use it to display adverts on their websites. Ad delivery: it...

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Google Analytics for Static Numbers

Overview Virtual Call Tracking is able to send events into Google Analytics Universal for calls to static/offline phone numbers. Google Analytics Classic is not supported. Once properly configured...

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Free Demonstration

Free Demonstration - live and online Our Initial Contact Will generally involve a 30 minute phone call and free demonstration via a Skype screen share session to talk through following: ...

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Google Tag Manager Set-up

How To Install "Virtual Call Tracking" Script Using Google Tag Manager (GTM) Step 1 Log in to Google Tag Manager, select your account to reveal your GTM workspace (dashboard), and click on the New...

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Overview The Virtual Call Tracking script and server are configured to automatically send goal completions to Optimizely where it detects Optimizely being used on your website. To identify thes...

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Google Analytics Set-up

Introduction The Google Analytics integration is performed server-side and is compatible with both Classic and Universal Analytics. Only one Google Analytics tracking code can be used per website, ...

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Tracking Script

Methods setSiteId Description Sets the Site ID of the current site to the Site ID of the tracking service provided by Virtual Call Tracking. This method must be called before any other method. S...

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